10 Tips To Fully Utilize Pressure Washer To Enhance its Functionality


A pressure washer is a machine developed to remove grime, gunk, and other dirt from pretty much any surface. It is so efficient that the high-pressure water jet allows for immediate washing and cleaning.

The tips below provide simple guidance on how to get the most out of your equipment:

1. Remove All Gunk  & Dirt

The first thing you need to do is remove all debris, dirt, and grime from your surface before you apply any form of cleaning action. This means that the pressure washer should always be used for pre-cleaning purposes only. The jet stream immediately gets rid of everything in its path, including oil stains and rust.

2. Clean in the Right Direction

The general principle behind cleaning with a pressure washer is to move the machine along the surface rather than moving it across it. This ensures that grime is being removed from all angles while using minimal effort on your part. The only exception where you might want to move the machine across the surface is removing old paint.

3. Start Low & Work Your Way Up

As a general rule of thumb, you should start with low pressure and work your way up depending on how tough the surface you are cleaning happens to be. This minimizes any risk of damage while keeping your energy costs down to a minimum. Generally speaking, metal surfaces require high pressure. In contrast, wooden ones need nothing more than gentle treatment, which is why you need to know what type of material you’re dealing with before applying any cleaning actions. Always read the instruction manual if it’s your first time using a specific model or brand of pressure washer.

4. Fix Loose Handle Leaks

This is especially true if you are dealing with a good pressure washer. When the machine is in use, the handle sometimes suffers from leaks, which means that all the water being channeled through it will leak down without any cleaning action. This is why you should tighten loose screws once in a while to avoid experiencing this inconvenience under less than favorable conditions.

5. Don’t Forget About High-Pressure Hoses

It’s important to remember that the high-pressure hose also needs special care because it can easily get damaged when misused. For example, while operating a pressure washer, always remember to keep your fingers away from any moving parts on your equipment, or you end up maiming yourself, which will require hospitalization and so on.

6. Keep Your Equipment Safe at All Times

This means that you should always keep the equipment in a dry place when it’s not in use to avoid any form of corrosion damage, cracks, or leaks due to water seeping into its inner workings. This is an essential consideration because even the smallest crack can ruin your whole machine and force you to buy a new one when left unattended.

7: Use the Right Cleaning Solution for Different Types of Surfaces

The right chemicals will ensure that grime and dirt come off quickly with no need for too much effort on your part. Generally speaking, solvents are needed only when dealing with harsh surfaces like siding or brickwork. In contrast, something like car wash shampoo is suitable for use on more delicate surfaces such as windows, cars, etc.

8: Inspect the Nozzle Regularly

While working with a pressure washer, always check that the nozzle isn’t getting clogged or damaged in any way. When this happens, you need to remove it and inspect it for damage before using the machine again. This is especially true if you notice a decrease in power compared to before, resulting from a clogged nozzle.

9: Keep Your Equipment’s Weight Balanced at All Times

This is important because it allows you to use your equipment correctly without worrying about any risk of injury or damage. If you are using an upright model, always remember to stand on the same side as the high-pressure hose to avoid toppling over while spraying it around in all directions.

10: Avoid Overusing or Underusing Your Equipment

Using too much pressure can damage your equipment while using no pressure means that the surface isn’t getting cleaned properly. What you should do is find the sweet spot in terms of pressure, which ensures that no damage is done to your equipment while it functions at its best without any form of inconveniences whatsoever resulting from under or overuse.


Pressure washers are great because they offer an easy, cost-effective way to clean any surface without hiring a specialist. However, even the best equipment in the world requires proper care and maintenance if you want it to function at its best for longer. Read the manuals carefully before beginning any cleaning session with your pressure washer.

If you don’t pay attention to these things, your equipment will start malfunctioning, and it won’t be more than a few weeks before you are forced to buy another one. If you need additional cleaning tips, search for them on the internet or purchase the kind of guide that comes with your specific brand of equipment.


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