4 Best USB-C Cables You Need Today


Gadgets have come a long way since the first android and Apple smartphones were introduced into the market. One distinct feature these phones had is that they all had different charging ports and cables. Of course, this has changed, and most smartphones use USB-C cables to charge. However, technology has made it possible that these cables can achieve much more than just setting. Despite these advancements, not all USB-C cables are created the same, even though they might look alike. If you’re just in the market for a regular USB c wire cable for charging purposes, you need to browse the Ugreen site and select one.

The best 4 USB-C cables you can get today

Finding a suitable USB-C cable for your needs can be pretty challenging since you can find one in almost every store you look at. To make it easy for you, we’ve come up with 4 USB-C cables that are guaranteed to offer you exceptional service and a little something extra. Here is our list of the best 4 USB-C wires you can get today.

USB-C Fast charging cable

This cable is perfect for those who want to replace their worn-out stock charging cable with one that looks like it is on steroids. This male to male USB-C cable can have a maximum charging speed of 3A. It can charge your dead device to over 50% in thirty minutes, and it supports data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps meaning that you can transfer your music, pictures or videos from your device to your PC in seconds. The cable is also compatible with many phones and will work with almost any phone.

Right-angle USB-C to C cable

Do you love using your phone while charging, but your current cable won’t let you do that? Then the right-angle USB-C line is the one for you. The cable’s unique design makes it easy to watch videos or play games while your phone’s charging without destroying your cable or charging port. The line also supports 60W, perfect for charging smartphones and USB-C laptops.

USB-C PD fast charging cable

This cable is perfect for those whose goal is to charge their USB-C gadgets quickly. It is also great for 4K video transmission at 60Hz from your device to the display. Additionally, the line supports lightning-fast data transfer of up to 5gbps, meaning you can transfer bulky 4K files in seconds. While the cable can charge most mobile devices, it’s mainly meant for laptops, phones, and notebooks.

Thunderbolt 3 USB-C cable

If you’re looking for the best cable in its class for data transfer and video transmission, then this cable is the best for you. This thunderbolt 3 cable is capable of up to 40Gbps data transfer. The cable doesn’t matter what you have; it will transfer it in seconds. It is also capable of 5K video output and 100W power delivery charging.


If you liked our list of USB-C cables, the good news is that you can find all these cables at Ugreen online store. These cables are capable of any task you throw at them and are built to last long. Feel free to browse our listing and choose what suits your needs.


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