What to Look for When Choosing an Embroidery Machine


Buying an embroidery machine is a significant investment for your business. Since the chenille embroidery machine is expensive, it can be challenging to know the important features to look for when purchasing one.


There is a need to consider the cost of an embroidery machine before buying one. Most experts recommend that you have a budget set aside for this. Make sure you purchase a machine with all features you need. You should note that embroidery machines with automation features are very expensive. Therefore, if you do not require such features, you should consider avoiding them to save money.


When choosing an embroidery machine, you need to consider the embroidery field size. Always go for machines that have at least 5 by 7 in.sq of space. Although bigger is always better, it comes with a cost. Therefore, you need to balance functionality and your budget.


It is advisable to take into account how you use the embroidery machine. Are you using it for your hobbies or in your business? By understanding your usage of the machine, you should choose a machine that handles the workload. If you are going to use this machine for quilting, you need to focus on throat width. This is the space between the body of the machine and the needle. A machine with a wider throat width allows you to move the fabric around and use larger hoops.

USB Port

Sometimes you need to upload embroidery designs from your computer to the machine. Fortunately, a machine with a USB port allows you to do this easily. Some machines come with pre-installed designs. You need to be careful with such machines as only the pre-loaded designs can be used. Make sure you look for a machine that allows you to load and install embroidery designs quite quickly.

Automatic Thread Cutting

The embroidery machine comes with automatic thread-cutting functionality. This means when you want to use a given color, it automatically selects the thread. You will find this to be a useful feature. However, not all embroidery machines on the market have this particular feature.

LCD Screen

You can find some embroidery machines that have an LCD screen. This makes it easy to see what your designs look like before the machine works on them. You should note that screens are available in different sizes.

Embroidery Software

The common embroidery machines available come with pre-installed designs. These are great for beginner designers as they get somewhere to start. You will still want to create or buy designs. Each machine uses a unique data file type. Therefore, ensure you know the correct file type for the machine and you should only purchase designs from reliable sources.


When starting, you will want to consider top brands of embroidery machines. You can check various manufacturer’s forums and blogs to get an idea of what to get. The above are some important features to look for when buying an embroidery machine whether for home or business.


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